Comparison of paper cutter price both home and abroad technical performance level of paper cutter

The price of paper cutter cutter knives sharp effect and service life, is in big can influence the production efficiency of the paper cutter machine. The life of the cutter and the effect depends on several factors, such as knives the materials, the shape of the knife and point of view, the quality of the knife and was cutting factors such as the type of material.
The price of paper cutter cutter technical performance level of comparison at home and abroad
Cutter material price system of the knife, the blade material should use high chromium manganese steel, tungsten hardness is low carbon steel blade can be used. If it is of high quality blade after fire extraction process can reach a certain hardness.
Paper cutter prices above the shape and Angle of the blade, cutting tool above grinding blade Angle is small, it will be more sharp blade. In cutting tool materials allow circumstances, therefore, to make small grinding blade Angle as far as possible.
The price of paper cutter knife, the quality of the most main is to rely on the skill level of the operator. If the quality of the touch is that it can use relatively high time will be longer

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