Paper cutter cutting migration case analysis

For paper cutter equipment, we may have found that sometimes the cut out paper traces slightly tilted, the product is not accord with standard of its production, so what are the specific factors caused?
Paper cutter operation guidelines
After careful study, we found that in paper cutter, its rubber adhesive viscosity are strong, so that under the knife in the cutting process to overcome resistance value is large, but at the moment its just cutting, paper weight will be slightly rising action, this will cause the phenomenon of cutting slope. We continue our analysis on this phenomenon, the paper machine operation pressure of solenoid valve, the purity of its circulation lubricating oil, hydraulic system and a series of after testing found that the pressure of oil cylinder of the paper machine with the skills of the will there is a certain gap between demand; Then we can be in view of the oil cylinder pressure paper apart, found that the pressure in the cylinder spring has broken into two pieces, the elastic pressure value will also corresponding occurrence is reduced, and when we replace the spring, after the oil cylinder pressure paper work pressure value and will return to its normal state, and the cutter cut out paper also have no the phenomenon of tilt.

In fact, in the spring in the cutter use after a period of time, it will appear the phenomenon of fatigue cracking, and the paper the role of oil cylinder pressure value will reduce, then the cutting principle is not to have any effect on your paper; And only when the adhesive viscosity also relatively large, because of its resistance value increases, the corresponding cutting deviation phenomenon can only be seen.

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