Classification Of Paper Cutting Machine

1. From the driving mechanism of paper pusher, flat sheet paper cutters are divided into electric cutters (only by pressing the button or operating corresponding mechanism to locate the paper pusher through motor or mechanical transimission gear) , Program control paper cutting machine (The paper pusher will locate automatically by program control system, and also locate in the way of the electric paper cutting machine) and intelligent digital paper cutting machine (the paper cutter locate roughly by the control system, and then locate accurately by fine-tuning manually).

2. From the contorl way of paper pusher moving, program control paper cutting machines are divided into three kinds: stepper motor control, frequency speed control and AC servo control.

The position accuracy of the paper pusher could be ¡À0.1mm by stepper motor control and frequency speed control. And its speed could be 8-14m/min (the accuracy and speed will be quite different as manufacturers use different control system and electrical components). The stepper motor control mode is more harsh when starting up, and is not favored by users and manufacturers.

Compared to the frequency speed control, the AC servo control mode has a great breakthrough in the accuracy and speed of the paper pusher . Its position accuracy could be ¡À0.025-¡À0.015mm. And its pushing speed could be 16-20m/min. (the accuracy and speed will be quite different as manufacturers use different control system and electrical components).

3. From the operating mode of program control paper cutter, it is divided into three kinds: key, touch screen, key and touch screen.

When the key mode paper cutting machine is invented, it increase the efficiency many times compared to the digital paper cutter. It was favored by customers by increasing the working efficiency and creating more profiters. After new technology came out, this mode appear to be outdated in intuitive and simple operation compared to touch screen mode.

When we use touch screen paper cutting machine, we can do equal division, equidistant, cycle size, calculator and import the result easily. Its operation is simple and intuitive. (For keying operation, we should press several combinatorial keys to perform certain functions. Many customers had to ask for manuals from manufacturer when operator is changed); The screen will  display status of every processes directly, which is convenient for common trouble elimination.   And it will save users¡¯ and manufacturers¡¯ money and time.

Keying and touch screen dual-mode, they can accommodate some operators¡¯ old habit. Meanwhile they provide another input way, which will increase durability to a certain extent. But it has little significance when manufacturers use high quality screen and stable operation system.

4. From the size display and paper pusher¡¯s location, it is divided into digital display paper cutting machine and program contrl paper cutting machine.(for mechanical structure paper cutting machine, there is a steel ruler on the operation table. The operation way of paper pusher is same as digital display paper cutting machine. 

The big difference between digital display and program control paper cutting machine is paper pusher control. The latter not only increase the efficiency greatly, but also reduce operators¡¯ labor strength effectively.

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