Paper cutter oil processing

From the normal Angle, paper cutter for a long time after the use of basic it may appear the phenomenon of the spill, although paper cutter can work normally, when there is oil breakdown but because paper cutter oil, makes the fuel consumption increase, cause waste.
Paper cutter's development present situation and prospect in China
Paper cutter oil maintenance need to replace the valve, etc Other several other parts of the skeleton oil seal, resin oil seal, etc., can solve the problem of oil leakage after replacement. But many users, after replacing the paper cutter oil leak phenomenon still exists, don't reach the expected effect, this is mainly because the change of the sealing ring of substandard quality reasons, these substandard sealing ring is mainly appeared as inventory too long lead to the deterioration and aging, so change the sealing ring is easy to lead to leakage of paper cutter again, thus affect the sealing effect of the cutter. So, when to replace the sealing ring should be attention to the quality of the sealing ring, so as to avoid oil leakage problems appeared again and again.
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